goUW: Short URLs for UW-Madison

goUW is a URL-shortening service for the UW-Madison campus community. The service can be used to generate go.wisc.edu/xxxx URLs that redirect to longer URLs.

To preview a url before redirecting enter go.wisc.edu/xxxx/preview

Responsible Use
The service may be used to shorten any URL that is relevant to official UW-Madison content and business. The university's Responsible Use Policy applies to this service. The University of Wisconsin reserves the right to remove a go.wisc.edu URL at any point.

Using the Service
Anyone with a UW-Madison NetID may login and use the service to create a shortened URL. Once created, the shortened URL will work for any user, whether or not they are part of the UW-Madison community.


To use this service, you need to login to the appropriate domain:

NetID - go.wisc.edu URLs